Food Exchange Lists

Dietary Guidance for Persons with Diabetes

  • 編集:日本糖尿病学会
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  • ISBN 978-4-8306-6025-2
  • 2003年5月8日発行
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1. The treatment of diabetes
 1. The goals of treatment of diabetes
 2. The three types of diabetes treatment
2. Diet therapy for diabetes
 1. Diet therapy for diabetes
 2. The principles of diet therapy
 3. The prevention of complications
 4. The types of diabetes and diet therapy
 5. Planning meals
3. The Food Exchange Lists
 1. Food classification -- the six lists
   The six food groups (the six lists)
   Food classification table
 2. Serving size measure -- 1 unit = 80 kcal
 3. Food exchange
4. Using the Food Exchange Lists
 1. Prescribed daily number of units
 2. The number of units per list
 3. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks between meals
   Sample meal prescription table for 20 units/day (1600 kcal)
 4. Composing menus
 5. Sample menus for 20 daily units (1600 kcal)
 6. Exchanging foods to create menus rich in variety
   Sample unit distribution tables for different prescribed daily units (energy)
5. Measuring foods
 1. The importance of measuring
 2. Measuring apparatus
   Amounts measured by measuring cup and measuring spoon (gr)
6. For lasting diet therapy
List 1
 ● Cereals
  Unit measures for List 1 foods (cereals)
 ● Potatoes, vegetables high in carbohydrates, nuts and seeds, pulses (not including soybeans)
  About List 1 foods
  Unit measures for List 1 foods (potatoes etc.)
List 2
 ● Fruits
  About List 2 foods
  Unit measures for List 2 foods (fruits)
List 3
 ● Fish
   Fish low in fat
   Fish rather high in fat
   Fish high in fat
 ● Shellfish
 ● Squid, octopus, shrimp, crab
  About List 3 foods (seafood)
 ● Dried seafood, fish paste products and seafood boiled in sweetened soy sauce
 ● Canned seafood
  Unit measures for List 3 foods (fish etc.)
 ● Meats and processed meats
   Other meat
   Processed meat
  About List 3 foods (meats)
  Unit measures for List 3 foods (meat and processed meat)
 ● Eggs, cheeses
  About List 3 foods (eggs, cheeses)
 ● Soybeans and soybean products
  About List 3 foods (soybean products)
  Unit measures for List 3 foods (eggs, cheeses, soybeans and soybean products)
List 4
 ● Milk and dairy products (not including cheeses)
  About List 4 foods
  Unit measures for List 4 foods (milk and dairy products)
List 5
 ● Oils and fats, oily and fatty foods
  About List 5 foods
  Unit measures for List 5 foods (oils and fats, oily and fatty foods)
List 6
  Unit measures for vegetables
 ● Dark-colored (green and yellow) vegetables
  Unit measures for 100 gr (1/3 unit) of List 6 foods (dark-colored vegetables)
 ● Light-colored vegetables
  About List 6 foods (vegetables)
  Unit measures for 100 gr (1/3 unit) of List 6 foods (light-colored vegetables)
 ● Sea weed, mushrooms, konnyaku
  About List 6 foods (algae, etc.)
  Unit measures for 100 gr of List 6 foods (sea weed, mushrooms, konnyaku)
 ● Miso, sugar, sweet sake etc.
  About seasonings
  Unit measures for seasonings
  Salt contents of seasonings
Eating out, processed foods, table luxuries
 ● Eating out, processed foods
 ● Table luxuries
  Foods high in salt
  Foods high in cholesterol
  Foods rich in dietary fiber
  Amounts of dietary fiber in staple foods (cereals)
  Menu composed of 20 daily prescribed units (1600 kcal)
Appendix: Full-size pictures of 1-unit portions (poster)